Yes. RealyNOW’s offerings are qualified and regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Our escrow agent is North Capital Private Securities Corporation, a member of FINRA and SIPC. Plaid, Inc., our bank-linking service, is the industry standard. Our transfer agent is KoreConX, an SEC-registered firm. We also employ Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store our data. And parents or guardians have final oversight over kids’ accounts.

We never sell any member’s information and we employ bank-level encryption and two factor authentication as well.

Each account is opened by a parent or guardian for the interest of the kid or teen. Parents and kids have access to our app, and parents have control and responsibility for their kids’ accounts.

Kids and teens can buy and redeem shares only after we communicate the order to a parent or guardian for approval.

All educational and interactive features of the RealyNOW app are available to both parents and kids at all times.

Yes. Your kids and teens can hold their shares, buy more shares or redeem their shares monthly. They can set investing goals like paying for college, buying a car or simply building wealth for themselves.

Yes. As we like to say, RealyNOW is a realy cool part of RealyInvest. RealyNOW was created to help youth under 18 and their families earn income, build wealth and learn about investing. RealyInvest has a similar mission, but for those 18 years of age and older.

When a teen turns 18 we will transfer their account to RealyInvest, where the teen can hold, buy or redeem shares monthly as well.

In the unlikely event that RealyNOW cannot continue in operation, shareholders still hold their share interests in their properties. Shareholders can access their accounts through RealyInvest or our transfer agent KoreConX at their shareholder dashboard.

No, we want to build a lifetime of earning and learning from an early age…so there’s no age minimum.

Many of the properties long-term leased to our kid’s favorite tenants (like McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A) are NN (double net) or NNN (triple net) leased. That means the tenant is responsible for almost all maintenance, taxes, etc…

No. RealyNOW investors have no financial or other responsibilities to any property beyond their share interest price.

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