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Your kid's journey to financial freedom starts here.

Invest in properties long-term leased to your family's favorite brands.

Kids Earn

Kids earn dividends on their real estate investments when our corporate tenants pay rent every month!

Current Total Return :

5.06% /yr

Projected Total Return PLUS :

7.94% /yr

Kids Learn

Kids learn about money and real estate investing as they profit from their favorite brands--places they know, love and use everyday!

Kids Can Build Wealth

Kids build a portfolio of properties and build a lifetime of good investing habits.

And the Whole Family Too!

When your family joins RealyNOW, up to three kids and two parents can invest. Invest for yield on your cash, for retirement or to build your own portfolio!

Kids Earn While They Learn.

Earn dividend income. Profit from any property appreciation. Build healthy investing habits.

Invest in real estate alongside the children you love.

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